From Seed Hoarder to Sow No GMO®

I have been selling online since 2004, but only sold seeds seasonally until 2015 when I trademarked the Sow No GMO® brand and went into the full-time seed business.

There are many reasons why I went full-time with seeds. One of the main reasons was that I didn't want my family to eventually put me on the "Hoarders" show because there were seeds everywhere in my house. Every drawer, the piano stool, every nook and cranny became homes my overwhelming number of seed packets. Eventually I started selling them off and was surprised to find a huge demand for a wide variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Another reason that I settled on seeds was as a SHTF prepper plan. All seeds can be sprouted and eaten while young and tender and full of protein. If the power were to go out tomorrow, I would start several jars of sprouts and would be planting as many as I could for a later harvest. I would also be able to help others and get them to grow something.

One of the indirect reasons that I decided to go with non-GMO, heirloom seeds is because the bees need us. Bee populations around the world have been decimated by GMOs, deforestation chemicals such as round up, and pesticides. If we don't have bees we no longer have food so I'm getting as many people as I can to grow grow grow heirlooms and open-pollinated flowers and herbs. The bees love me for it. :-)

The last main reason that I wanted to go full-time with seeds is because heirloom seed stock is seriously threatened by GMO creation and CRSPR technology and I do not want to wake up one day and not be able to grow healthy, organic, nutrient filled food.

I plan to continue to provide my buyers with the best seed stock available year-round. With so many people getting into hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic gardening, the demand for heirloom seeds is increasing. I'm glad to be a part of food production on the simplest level.

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